Metros Are Working in Istanbul?

Do Metros Work in Istanbul? : Governor Vasip Şahin and Mayor Kadir Topbaş, who made a statement at AKOM, announced that the problems caused by the disaster-grade oil rain that was effective in Istanbul at some points were quickly eliminated.

AKOM Governor Vasip Sahin and President Kadir Topbas, Istanbul, which is effective in the degree of disaster at some point of the oil-related fatigue quickly explained that the troubles.

Istanbul Governor Vasip Sahin hours due to rainfall which increases the starting and 07.00 towards violence around 09.00 Istanbul is experiencing shortages in some areas, he said these troubles Istanbul Governorship AFAD and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality teams to intervene immediately ethics.

Gibi At the moment there is almost no serious hardship in the region. At some points, our teams have intensified their work yap Governor Şahin said, ısı The pond was due to the physical structure of some underpasses and the fact that the precipitation was several times the seasonal norms. Both IMM and AFAD teams are intervening quickly. The Police Department and the Gendarmerie Command's teams are in charge of organizing the flow of traffic. Traf

That Istanbul today for many years to spoil the extent of rainfall experienced and rain xnumx't after expressing expected to continue until the violent evening Falcon, "Citizens of our them out of traffic as possible to the vehicle, we ask them to use public transport if needed. At this point, all lines of call of IMM and Governorship are open. I hope that we are trying to solve the problems in the way that will make our citizens least uncomfortable İn.


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbas also said he received a lot of rainfall above normal rainfall in Istanbul, 1 65 hours kg in the eastern and central regions, the western regions, he said 110 kg of rain fell. July is the average rainfall of 32 kg noting that Kadir Topbas, said;

"I can say that; When we compare with the past, we would get a lot more noticeings in less rainfall. There have been severe blockade of blockages at several points today. We solved the problems in a short time by intervening as much as possible to other points. Of course, our citizens need to help us not to leave the traffic with special vehicles. If they pay attention to warnings, we'll have a more comfortable day.


In our tram and metro stations, 1-2 intervened at the point and explained that all of the rail systems were operating. Mayor Topbaş said, UM In the afternoon, a more serious rain is expected. It can come to a larger scale. Our concern is; the rain to be rained for the soil is completely sub-regions, pit areas, near our home areas can descend. This requires more precision. In the past years there was a precipitation in the Ayamama Creek, within an hour 80 kg per square meter. We got the same rainfall this year but there is no problem in Ayamama. That is, the 45 kg in 65 min means an average of 80 kg. If sensitivity is shown, we will overcome this problem all together Hassas.


Flood levels in some areas to prevent any shortage in housing built under the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and district municipalities crews evacuated the hotel or guesthouse that the information is placed where Topbas, continued his explanation;

Or We currently have our 6 bin 388 staff, working actively. 1194 vehicle with IMM. This is a very intense activity when we add AFAD. Look, they don't have heavy stream floods like in the past. We saw some flood in Tavukçu Creek. He was in Merter and was on the Yenikapı and Samatya crossings with Unkapanı underpass. Eurasia Tunnel was closed in one direction. There was no problem with the transition from Asia to Europe. The transition from Europe to Asia was closed in one direction as it was impassable due to the water intake of the Yenikapı and Samatya underpasses. '


The world in that it took place in other cities of similar disasters in the size of the event, even Topbas reminiscent of subway flooding in the London press, "I think we caution that despite the rainfall above the normal that we jumped trouble. Thank God we can say happily there was no loss of life. We didn't have this problem, it's important. Material damage will be identified and work will be done at the point of compensation. Our Deputy Prime Minister Veysi Kaynak Bey has been following. He met with our governor and me. They expressed their support for all kinds of work. They said they were following closely. I thank them. I say get past. I hope we will not have more trouble, "he said.

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