Breastfeeding rooms are installed in train stations in India

Breast-feeding chambers are being set up in train stations in India: In order to provide convenience for breastfeeding women in India, hundreds of private halls will be built for nursing mothers at hundreds of train stations in the country.

In India, it launched a new practice against the difficulties of nursing women in the public sphere.

According to the news of the newspaper News, the Ministry of Railroad and the Ministry of Women and Child Development jointly done by hundreds of train stations in India for nursing mothers are being made special mothers.

The joint protocol prepared by the two ministries was sent to all train stations in the country.

Railroad Minister Suresh Prabhu said that they had carried out such work on an intensive demand from women and said: yoğun In June, 8 sent instructions to all stations. To date, this facility has been provided in the waiting room more than 100. In some stations, separate rooms and some with small screens will ensure that women are comfortable while breastfeeding. Bazı

Son Breastfeeding is extremely important for a child's health. We support the clean, safe and exclusive areas in public spaces where women can breastfeed their children peacefully. Kadınlar

Ilır I hope this facility spreads to all train stations, Gand said Gandhi.

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