Bozankaya70 million TL investment in R & D

Producing electrical solutions for public transportation Bozankaya's budget allocated to R & D in the last 5 year reached 70 million TL. As a result of R & D studies, it was announced that 19 from the 10 project is currently in operation.

With the new generation of public transport projects in Turkey and announce the name of the world Bozankayamanufactures environmentally friendly, economical, high performance, comfortable electric vehicles and directs the transportation systems of the future. In 2016 alone, the company devoted 11 percent of its turnover to R & D activities and started to serve in cities where public transportation was transformed with modern trolleybus systems called 100 electric buses, 100 low-floor trams and 'Trambus'.

Over the last 5 years 19 concentrates on separate R & D project (Completed 10, ongoing 4, evaluated 5 project) Bozankayahas allocated a total budget of TL 70 million to these projects. Aytunç Chairman Gunay, average per thousand in Turkey 9, 2 percent on average across the OECD share allocated to R & D Bozankayahas devoted a serious resource, he said. Ay These investments are not unrequited. with successful projects we have realized a surplus value abroad are returning to Turkey, "he said.

Import substitution, foreign exchange inflows
Aytunç Günay continued as follows: “Since the first days of 2016, we have made a serious move by working with 10 different academicians from 16 universities, including Hacettepe University, TOBB ETÜ and Çankaya University. With the introduction of the products we have developed thanks to our R&D investments, both import substitution is realized and a significant amount of foreign currency remains in our country. At the same time, our country gains a significant amount of foreign currency with the export of these products. We are proud to see the return of our investments in Turkey.



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