5 bin vision handicapped free seeing eye device to be distributed

5 thousand visually impaired people will be distributed free of charge eye devices: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan stated that the "Seeing Eye Project Agreement" carried out by the General Directorate of Communication will be signed tomorrow and the studies will be started, "Within the scope of the project, 41 thousand visually impaired people living in 5 cities will We will distribute them free of charge and make life easier for our visually impaired people. " said.

Arslan, said in a statement, the Ministry of the production of many projects for people with disabilities as they mention that they are doing more serious work in their life and they will continue to do more, he said.

Remaining as a ministry until today to the visually impaired citizens in the 26 province 10 bin eye eye distributing device reminding Arslan, said:

“Platforms and ramps, special toll booths and disabled assistance points were built in order to make the station and station buildings suitable for the disabled. Designs suitable for the disabled in Marmaray and High Speed ​​Trains (YHT), the 'Barrier-Free Airport Project' in aviation, the 'Barrier-Free Seas Project' in maritime, the 'I Exist Project' that employs disabled people in call centers, the 'Third Hand Project' that enables our physical barriers to use tablet computers, Many projects have been implemented by PTT, such as the delivery of their salaries to retired disabled people, perceptible surface applications for the visually impaired, the 'e-Government No Barriers Project', which is supported by experts who know sign language, and tariffs for the disabled, and facilitate the lives of our disabled people. provided. "

Arslan stated that they are planning to launch the “Accessibility Project for the Disabled, Elderly and People with Mobility Restrictions” in August, which is carried out with the support of the European Union Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA), and that they have completed the third phase of the Seeing Eye Project as a social project. .

Arslan stated that the project contract carried out by the General Directorate of Communication will be signed tomorrow and the works will be started, "Within the scope of the project, we will distribute the sight devices to 41 thousand visually impaired people living in 5 provinces free of charge in 2018 and we will make the lives of our visually impaired people easier." he spoke.

After the middle of next year, the Ministry of Family and Social Policies will be determined by the Ministry of Family and Social Security device will be distributed to the handicapped Ahmet Arslan, provinces and cities to be distributed distribution of visually impaired to be announced as ministry said.

Arslan stated that it will continue to be one of the most important issues of producing projects for the disabled in every field related to the Ministry.

Visible eye device is a navigation program that includes blind maps to enable the visually impaired to reach the places they want to go on foot or by using public transportation in an easy and fast way, screen reading support, internet browser, media player, e-mail program, electronic book reading and so on. smartphone.

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