4 Company is Disabled in Istanbul's First Havaray Tender

first aerial tender
first aerial tender

4 company was out of operation in Istanbul's first aircourse tender: Alsim Alarko and Doğuş Construction, the lowest 2 offer, were eliminated as a result of the protests against Istanbul's first Havaray tender.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), 15 kilometer Bel Sefaköy-Halkalı- Tender for the construction of the Basaksehir Havaray Line on January 12, 2017. Alarko Alsim, Doğuş Construction, Yapı Merkezi, KMB-Çelikler, Cengiz İnşaat, Gülermak-Nurol, Güryapı participated in the tender. In the tender in which 7 companies participated, 6 companies submitted bids and Güryapı withdrew.


Alsim Alarko offered the lowest bid with TL 1 billion 292 million for the construction of the line and purchase of vehicles. The second lowest bid came from Doğuş Construction company with 1 billion 369 million TL. Alarko Alsim, who made the tender with the lowest bid, was announced. However, appeals were filed with the Public Procurement Board (IRB) regarding the tender.

KMB Metro İnşaat-Çelikler İnşaat İş Ortaklığı argued that the economically most advantageous first and second tenderers' extremely low bid descriptions were not suitable. It has been suggested that wages are below the minimum wage. Evaluating the claims of the appealing partnership, the JCC did not find the allegations regarding excessively low bid disclosures. In the examination made within the scope of the principle of “equal treatment”, when the information in the Trade Registry Gazette that Alsim Alarko has a total of 10 shareholders and submitted within the scope of the proposal file, it was stated that this proposal should be excluded from the evaluation in accordance with the legislation.


The institution concluded that Cengiz İnşaat A.Ş.'s proposal should also be excluded from the evaluation, since it does not provide the minimum amount of work experience. Deciding that the contradictions to the listed legislation could be resolved by corrective action, KİK, Alsim Alarko, KMB Metro İnşaat- Çelikler İnşaat İş Ortaklığı decided that the tender procedures after this stage should be reorganized in accordance with the legislation. Doğuş İnşaat, one of the appealing companies, also applied to the JCC. The JCC determined that Doğuş İnşaat, who made the objection, uses a lower amount than the foreign exchange rate to be used, and that the analysis price will rise above the proposal when the appropriate exchange rate is made. Thus, Doğuş Construction was excluded from the evaluation with the decision of the JCC. It was decided that the tender procedures after this stage should be carried out in accordance with the legislation.

As a result of the JCC decisions, a total of 2 companies, including 4 companies that submitted the best two offers, were excluded. Backwards Gülermak + Nurol and Yapi Merkezi offers left.

Source: Özlem GÜVEMLİ - www.sozcu.com.tr



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