4 billion dollar Oculus train station opens in Manhattan

The $ 4 billion Oculus train station opens in Manhattan: The entrance to the new World Trade Center One World Trade Center (WTC), which was built in New York to replace the Twin Towers after the September 11 Attacks, is preparing to host the world's most expensive train station. .

The train station, designed to be a hub built into the entrance of the WTC, was designed as a large oval bird with steel ribs and glass.

The train and subway station, called Oculus (Göz), cost 4 a billion dollars, and this budget has earned the title of u the most expensive globe in the world O.

The new gar, the signature of the Spanish neo-futurist architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava, caused controversy in the city.

In the city, Oculus, with its negative nicknames such as ”unnecessary symbol” and inc kitsch Dinosaur ”, means” eye its in Latin.

The station connects suburban trains between New Jersey and eleven metro lines.

It has a large commercial center, spreading over a thousand square meters of 34, called Westfield, which consists of shops, boutiques and restaurants. The Oculus, which opened in early April, will begin serving in July.

Source : www.sozcu.com.tr



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