The First Pickaxe Shot in the 3-Storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel

First Pickaxe Shot in the 3-storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel: Work has begun on the 3-storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel Project that will pass under the Bosphorus. Drilling with two Turkish and Singapore-flagged ships between Kandilli-Akıntı Cape for ground survey reporting expected to last 1 year will end on August 3.

The first dig was hit by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications in the Great Istanbul Tunnel Project, which will pass under the Bosphorus. The tender held by the ministry for engineering services was concluded in February. The firm that won the tender recently started ground studies in the area where the tube tunnel, which will pass under the Bosphorus and is planned to be 3 floors, will be placed. Turkish bayraklı Singapore with Alcatras bayraklı Ground scanning operations are carried out in the area between Kandilli and Akıntı Burnu with ships called Fugro Scout. The work, which started on June 24, is scheduled to finish on August 3. It was learned that the ships will scan the ground along the line where the tubes will be placed, and the flow velocity, especially seismographic mapping, in the region between Kandilli and Akıntıburnu during the two-month period. It is expected that the preparatory work to be carried out in the field within the scope of the project will take one year.

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There will be both a highway and a rail in the tunnel that will pass under the water in the Bosphorus. In the tunnel, there will be two lane roads in the tunnel, the middle and the lower part of the car, which will be suitable for the transition to the wheel. The second leg will start at the Hasdal junction on the TEM highway on the European side and connect to the Çamlık junction on the Anatolian side through the Bosphorus. There will be two strips of two arrivals going on the road two. The tunnel will be integrated with the TEM Motorway, the E-5 Highway, the Northern Marmara Motorway and the 5 metro line.

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