3. The first plane to the airport will land in February

The first plane to land at the 3rd Airport in February: Ahmet Deniz, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, was the guest of the “Anatolia Asking” program, which was broadcasted live with TRT HABER with 50 Anatolian Channels and presented by the President of Anadolu Publishers Association.


Underlining the great income of the airport, Minister Ahmet Arslan 3. lan Ak Party government with the privatization of the aviation sector when the THY said it will shrink. THY has become a worldwide brand 26 has taken the airport to 55. 180 million passengers are served. Now we said we need to be a big airport. The plane departing from the US will arrive in Istanbul and then travel to the far east. Every plane that uses our airport gives money. Every passenger has a source left to our country. In the coming year we will be able to download aircraft in February. But in 29 October 2018 we will open the first part serving 90 million passengers. Sabiha Gökçen will continue to serve. Ataturk Airport will not serve but we will use the facilities as exhibition centers. We will not serve the construction. Serving small planes. It will become a place to breathe Istanbul residents. İstanbul


Speaking about the ban on the airplane laptop, Minister Arslan said, ilgili We have given a particularly extraordinary fight against the US not taking electronic devices into the cabinet. And as a result, we removed the ban. Technical teams are here. They interviewed friends.

We're going to remove the ban on the laptop with Britain because they've got more than we've received all of the international measures. The ban will be lifted. Yas

Source : www.kokpit.aero


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