YHT tickets in Izmit

Before the festival, YHT tickets in Izmit quota were exhausted: As the Eid al-Fitr was approaching, he went after his transportation to get some of his visits and visits to some relatives.

Those who prefer a High Speed ​​Train for transportation are exposed if they are not booked in advance. Because, before the holidays, all YHT tickets in Izmit quota were exhausted. Meanwhile, according to the information received from the Directorate of Garage officials 1-20 June between the different directions from the 13 thousand 246 passengers traveled in different directions.

Days left for Ramadan Feast, Izmit Train Station was moving.

Citizens who prefer High Speed ​​Train for transportation have exhausted all tickets. TCDD added additional trains and additional trains due to the intensity of the holidays.

23 June-27 June between the Ankara-Pendik, Ankara-Pendik, Ankara-Pendik-Ankara flights between the additional trains added 1. 2 departures and 2 trains 3 arrival-3 for Konya-Istanbul and Istanbul-Konya flights. The number of trains, which are 7 for Ankara-Istanbul and Istanbul-Ankara, was increased to 8 due to the intensity of the holidays. 16 train service for round trip.

TCDD Izmit Railway Station deputy director Kenan Trish, an Feast intensity increased compared to last year. Last year, the speed of 70 80'lerken rate, while the percentage of XNUMX'e reached this year. When the people of Izmit preferred train travel, our tickets were sold out. This made us very happy. We also put additional trains and additional trains for good service to our citizens. We wanted everyone to go to the holiday of this holiday. We wish the same intensity to be in the Feast of Sacrifice. Aynı

1, 20 to Bozüyük, 442 to Bilecik, 106 to Eskişehir, 142 to Polatlı, 2891 to Sincan, Ankara, 273-407 2420 to 1771, 275 to Konya, 4519 to Gebze and 13 to Pendik.

1 20 from Arifiye, 448 from Bozüyük, 74 from Bilecik, 142 from Eskisehir, 2873 from Polatli, 208 from Sincan, 442 from Sincan, 2306 from Ankara 1751 from Konya, 261 from Gebze, 4451 from Pendik and 12 at 956.

BIG INTENSITY - Ramadan Feast was approaching and the mobility in Izmit Train Station increased. This intensity is expected to increase even more during the feast days.

TAILORON - Certain security passes through the transition to the platform. When the number of passengers increases, such queues can be formed in this section.

KENAN CÜRÜL- TCDD Deputy Director of Izmit Train Station Kenan Trulli said that the interest was pleasing.

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