High-speed train and airport gospel to Yozgat

High speed train and airport gospel to Yozgat: Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ, who said that the high speed train will come to Yozgat in 2019, also gave the good news about the airport.

Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag, accompanying Yozgat Governor Kemal Yurtnaç, AK Party Yozgat Deputy Yusuf Baser, Mayor Kazim Arslan, Bozok University Rector. Dr. Saleh Karacabey, the AK Party Provincial Chairman Harun Turkey's first national park was spotless with the Municipality of Yozgat viewed his work in the summerhouse.


Minister Bozdağ also emphasized that the high-speed train will speed up Yozgat's development in many areas, saying, “It will accelerate the development of Yozgat in many areas. He will add great power to Yozgat in that area. ”


Expressing that the high-speed train will connect Yozgat to Sivas, Kırıkkale, Ankara, Konya, Eskişehir, Istanbul and all other provinces that will be included in the network so far, Bozdağ said, “I am already high I hope that the high-speed train will be beneficial to Yozgat. As you know, the investment program related to our airport has been invested by the order of our Prime Minister and our President, and the work on it has accelerated in 2019. Our Yozgat nationals will see that the process related to Yozgat's airport is also accelerating in the coming days. I hope that if there is no hitch in 2017, we will have achieved a significant distance in this. ”

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