Food Service Has Been Closed In YHTs Due To Ramadan

Food Service was Closed in YHTs due to Ramadan: Food wagons in the economy section of high-speed trains were closed to service due to Ramadan. TCDD confirmed the incident

According to the news of Birgün Newspaper Ugur Sahin; During high-speed trains, during Ramadan, the food wagon in the economy department was closed for service.

TCDD customer representative, "Economy removed our wagon, our service, but no food service," he said. The representative said the removal of the car was the month of Ramadan.

Şener Bey from the authorized unit made the following statement: “We have dinner cars in Bussiness, they were not completely removed. Food wagons were only removed from the economy department. We process according to the information given to us. Food was removed from the economy by the General Directorate. We were not informed about the reason. We are unable to provide information due to Ramadan or for other reasons. Generally, he was informed as Ramadan. ”
Previously, the sale of drinks was prohibited on trains.

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Günceleme: 27/04/2019 19:42

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