Urfa wants rail system

Urfa people want a rail system: Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Çiftçi's recent accounts in the official accounts of the city announced that a large part of the rail system to be made.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Çiftçi interviewed for the rail system recently Ahmet Eşref Fakıbaba period and the project has been put into operation for about 6 years came to the agenda again.

Following the project of Fakıbaba, Malatya, Konya, Eskişehir, İzmir and Elazığ realized the project respectively. Some of them began to carry passengers.

On the grounds that the road occupation in Sanliurfa is not made, trolleybus to be made on the route of Balıklıgöl causes the reaction of citizens. 5 years later, this project will not lift the capacity of Sanliurfa citizens to protest against the project.

The tender of the project was awarded to the local company. Bozankaya started production of 10 trolleybus to serve in Balıklıgöl region in Şanlıurfa. 10 trolleybus will serve in the area of ​​7 kilometers. The foundation of the project will be laid in the coming days and after about 1 years the trolleybuses will begin to carry passengers.

Source: urfaobjektif.com



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