Transportation is changing in metropolitan cities

Transportation in metropolitan cities is changing: In the big city, most of the day, trying to reach a place in the most part of the traffic is not for any reason.
Years ago…
Bursa's population is small, the roads are quiet looking at Istanbul and "How to live here?" He asks ourselves, then we live in Bursa, thank goodness for our presence.
Come see Gelin
40 does not have Bursa before years and traffic problems are increasing day by day, roads, bridges, viaducts and intersections.
For this reason, the search for solutions starting with public transportation in big cities has now gained weight in the development and promotion of rail systems.
That the understanding of transportation is changing in cities with subways around the world. sohbet we learned from the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe.
He said:
Yok There is no possibility that transportation needs can be met by individual vehicles with rubber wheels. That's why we spend our time on how public transportation and solution should be. O
Büyük This is the problem in all major cities. This is also the case in the world. Dün
“There is a new understanding in the world that goes on to solve the transportation problem of the big cities. Especially cities with subways are now focusing on rail systems. Özellikle
He opened his words:
Yerel New roads for local administrations of cities with metro are no longer a priority. Municipalities focus on rail system investments. Bel
He added:
Lar Municipalities are no longer dealing with new roads, new intersections, new signaling and new parking areas. There are all kinds of convenience for those using the rail system. Sistemi
He particularly emphasized:
Için The new transportation strategy in the world is also valid for us. For this reason, we continue our future studies accordingly. O
Example gave:
Ir Japan is known for its multi-story roads. As a result of their new transportation strategy, they have now abandoned multi-storey roads. We must be ready. Biz

Source : Ahmet Emin Yılmaz - I



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