Train Crash in Efeler district of Aydın

Train Accident in Efeler District of Aydin Cheap Passed: A woman was injured in a train accident in the district of Efeler. Asiye P. who wanted to cross the crossing of the cold water level crossing, saw that the train was coming and threw himself on the grass.

In Efeler district of Aydın, the facia has been overcome cheaply. According to information obtained, Asiye P. shopping in the market established in the Middle Neighborhood home on the way back to the cold passage of coolness at a crossing was a victim of the moment. Although the level crossing was closed to traffic due to the train coming in, he suddenly threw himself on the grass at the side of the train tracks when he saw Asiye P. cross the street. On the side of the road, the unconscious woman who saw the Izmir-Sea expedition, the engineer of the train, standing at the level of the cold well citizens came to the aid of women in the surrounding area. Citizens, the police and 112 health teams informed the event. There was a long vehicle queue due to the train standing in Soğukkuyu. 112 health teams from the scene of the first intervention, then the slightly injured woman Ataturk State Hospital, while the train continued in the direction of Izmir.

The train that took the Aydın-İzmir flight left the scene and the crowd gathered.

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