Kazakhstan's hope is the railways network

Kazakhstan's hope railroad network: Kazakhstan ranked among the top 30 countries for the quality of its railway infrastructure

In the World Economic Forum, the quality of Kazakhstan's railway infrastructure was considered among the best among 136 countries, ranking 26th.

Speaking at the New Silk Road Business Forum, Kazakhstan Deputy Prime Minister Askar Mamin made the statement on the subject. "The Kazakhstan government is working hard to integrate into Eurasia's transportation system and makes significant contributions to the development of the system," Mamin said.

The territory of Kazakhstan is an important transit point on the transition to Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Gulf of Iran. Recently, new transportation routes have been opened in the country in the direction of West and East.

The theme of the new Silk Road Business Forum was the development of transportation and logistics systems in the Eurasian intercontinental routes.

Source : www.dunyabulteni.net

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