Message from the General Director of TCDD.

TCDD Transport General Manager Kurt's Ramadan Feast Message: One of the most important features that make us all human and make our world beautiful is the richness of our spirituality.

Religious holidays, solidarity, sharing, love and respect nourishing our feelings, unity and strengthening our solid, spiritual world, purifying the day, allowing the empire is exceptional.

To be with our loved ones is the greatest source of happiness.

As TCDD Tasimacilik AS, we have taken our measures to provide the best service in high speed, conventional and Marmaray in order to provide our passengers with their loved ones and to enjoy the joy of the holiday in the best way.

As the family of TCDD Transportation, we will be working on reaching 300 thousand passengers on YHT and other trains in the day when considering the increasing passenger demand during the holiday.

On behalf of our company, we celebrate Ramadan Feast with the most sincere feelings, wish to bring my country, the Islamic world and all mankind with charity, offer my deepest respects, thank you for choosing the train in your travels.

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TCDD Tasimacilik AS Chairman of the Board and General Manager

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