BELSAN's successful personnel were awarded

Successful personnel of BELSAN were awarded: Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Çiftçi thanked the successful personnel of BELSAN A.Ş.

BELSAN staff, who use all the facilities of the technology with their friendly service, attended the program which was organized to be presented to the successful and successful staff and the success of the selected staff was attended by Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Çiftçi.

Speaking in the festive program of BELSAN personnel within the body of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Çiftçi congratulated both their holidays and congratulated them on their achievements.

Underlining that Şanlıurfa is a big family, Mayor Çiftçi said: “As the Metropolitan Municipality, we celebrated tradesmen groups, professional representatives and NGO representatives. We continue to celebrate with our friends. Şanlıurfa is our common denominator. We love each other. The people of Şanlıurfa will give value and value to each other. He will walk the Şanlıurfa road. He said that if it is Sanliurfa, we are all here ”and stated that they will continue on the way of Sanliurfa altogether.


Stating that Şanlıurfa has taken revolutionary decisions to solve the traffic problem, Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Çiftçi said: “We visited the organizations affiliated to us for a holiday and celebrated. BELSAN A.S. We had a feast with its staff. Our Şanlıurfa is entering a new era in transportation. Trambus will be launched on July 03. The process is finished, we are laying the foundation by shooting the pickaxe. Our project about the rail system is in preparation. We have completed the feasibility and study study. We will start the tender process in the near future. I know that our Şanlıurfa brothers have full confidence in our elected and appointed cadres. We will carry our Şanlıurfa to the future by cooperating with our people. Revolutionary decisions and projects are coming in public transport and transportation. The digging of the crossroads will be hit after the feast. We will give transfer roads, bypass roads for citizens to provide transportation in traffic. We have to do this study today in order not to leave any problems tomorrow. Just as the problems of this city in the past have not been scalded and left to today, we cannot leave these problems to the future. We solve these problems with the courage we receive from Şanlıurfa people. We take refuge in the hearts of the people of Şanlıurfa, their love for Şanlıurfa. In the very near future, the traffic problem in Şanlıurfa will be minimized by means of the periphery, crossroads, rail system and tramway ”.

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