Servers will pass through the Eurasia Tunnel

A critical decision was made for the Eurasia Tunnel, which was closed to service vans after its opening. Service workers received the good news of the Eurasia Tunnel. In the new period, service vehicles will be able to use the Eurasia Tunnel.

A very critical decision was made for the vrasya Tunnel, which continues to serve Istanbulites as one of the last completed projects, while the traffic load of Istanbul continues to increase day by day with its 3 bridges and two underwater tunnels.

A flash decision was made for the Eurasia Tunnel project, which connects the two continents under the sea for the second time and has a great impact on Istanbul traffic. With the new period, the decision was made for service vehicles to pass through the Eurasia Tunnel.

Service vehicles will also use the Eurasia Tunnel

Öztürk, Chairman of the Chamber of Tradesmen of Istanbul Public Service Vehicle Operators, made an important statement regarding the Kou and said, “The Eurasia Tunnel will be added to our route between the Anatolian and European sides in the new period, especially upon the intense demands of passengers and service drivers. Thus, our path will be shortened by about 1 hour ”.

Approximately 2.5 million people are constantly on the move with shuttle vehicles every day. This situation is a great mobility for traffic. Part of this figure, which covers the whole of Istanbul, is the intercontinental transitions. With the decision of the Eurasia Tunnel, it is stated that an improvement in tolls is also possible through bargaining. It is currently known that shuttle buses across two bridges in Istanbul cause a great density, especially at certain parts of the day, during the departure and arrival times. In this sense, transportation services are provided to approximately 2,5 million people, including students, staff, public employees and tourists, in Istanbul.

Service drivers are very satisfied with the fact that they will be allowed to pass vehicles. This situation is expected to provide great relief to the traffic in Istanbul.

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