Şanlıurfa Tramway Project Does Not Allow State Planning Organization

Sanliurfa Tramway Project does not allow the State Planning Organization: Sanliurfa one of the biggest projects about the tram project speaking about the Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Çiftçi, State Planning Organization does not give approval to the project, he said.

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Çiftçi has clarified the tram project which is one of the biggest projects of Şanlıurfa. The biggest problem of the tram project, which will be composed of 4 stage, is 4. from the Abide Junction to the Osmanbey Campus. Nihat Çiftçi, who participated in the Idea Club program in Şanlıurfa, made statements about this project. The farmer said in his statement that such projects are very high cost and that the State Planning Organization want you to meet certain conditions. stated that the State Planning Organization did not approve.

Ciftci, u the Faculty of Medicine to move to the Osmanbey campus with more people in Osmanbey, Osmanbey, the number of patients and patients who go to the Faculty of Medicine is around 4 thousand and the number of students in the University is estimated to be around 17 thousand. Therefore, even if you want to carry a tram a day, the maximum amount of room to be moved is 21, which costs only one hour of the capacity requested by the State Planning Organization. After the 17 bin hospital is opened, a hospital visit is made around 4 with the patients and their relatives. 17 thousand plus 4 thousand makes 21 thousand people in total. Now the student goes in the morning, comes in the evening. State Planning Organization gives approval to rail systems Devlet.

'20 wants the capacity of a thousand passengers per hour'
Or 20 wants to carry thousands of passengers per hour, ı said Nihat Çiftçi. X If you carry all of them daily to the bazaar, 21 is a thousand people. State planning organization does not give this approval. This is because they are very expensive and costly systems. The cost of the rail system you take there is now costing 700 Trillion. Therefore, the State Planning Organization certainly does not approve it. One of them has not calculated the distance established there. Because it is far away, someone raised the tram, but did not calculate the fizilibetis. Uzak

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