Two trams collided in Samsun! Flights disrupted

Two trams collided in Samsun! The trips were disrupted: Two trams collided in the tram accident in Samsun this morning, the trips were disrupted for a while.

Tramway crash in the morning 6 waters Tekkekoy direction, two tram, collided in Derbent. Due to the technical failure in the front trolley, the tram from behind slammed into the vehicle in front. While this accident occurred in the accident, there was no passenger on the tram was the welcome side of the event.

In Samsun's Canik district, Derbent location, at 06.15, the tram numbered 21 under MG administration and the tram number 27 used by YB set out to Tekkeköy district to start passenger services out of service. The tram number 27, which was slowed down due to the breakdown in the tram number 21, was hit by the tram number 21 from the back, and in this accident, a large scale of material damage occurred in the trams, and a part of the tram in front was derailed due to the impact. In the accident, the vat of the line XNUMX was slightly injured and was taken to the hospital.

A statement was made from Samulaş
Kadir Gürkan, General Manager of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Samulaş, made the following statement regarding the accident: “A technical malfunction occurred in the front of our 06.15 trains leaving the warehouse, starting today at 2 am, while going to the service starting point in Tekkeköy. For this reason, there was a contact with our train that was following it from behind. Our material damage occurred. According to the information we received about our attendants, they are in good health. We put our back-contacting train into the warehouse. We will take our train in front to the Tekkeköy line end and store it by taking the necessary security measures. Then we will start the repairs. In the meantime, we did not cut our services. Our trams between the University and Municipal Houses continue. We do not suffer our passengers by operating by bus between Belediyeevleri and Tekkeköy. As of 10.00:XNUMX, the line was opened and the university-Tekkeköy rail system transportation returned to normal. "

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