Port Akdeniz breaks the record of port history in Antalya

Port Akdeniz broke the record of port history in Antalya: At the traditional iftar dinner of Port Akdeniz, business representatives and local managers of Antalya and its region came together. Port Akdeniz General Manager Özgür Sert, who hosted an iftar on behalf of Antalya Port, drew attention to the growth in the general trade volume in May and stated that they broke the record of the port history in containers.

Özgür Sert, stating that the integration of the railroad with Antalya Port will almost make the export and production in many provinces, gave the example of Qatar by mentioning the importance of the sea road in the export of fresh vegetables and fruits. Özgür Sert, emphasized the importance of Occupational Health and Safety in cooperation with Liman - İş Union and drew attention to its importance.

Antalya's leading names met in iftar

Port Akdeniz's traditional iftar dinner brought together the leading names of Antalya. Deputy Governors, Mehmet Kurdoğlu, Salih Gürhan, Ekrem Büyükata, Kepez District Governor Hamdullah Suphi Özgödek, as well as the iftara given by Port Akdeniz; Konyaalti District Police Department, Marine Police Branch Directorate, Antalya Central Command, Naval Forces Command, Coast Guard Training Command, West Mediterranean Customs and Trade Regional Directorate, Antalya Customs Directorate, Antalya Smuggling and Intelligence Branch Directorate, Antalya Port Directorate, CLK Mediterranean General Managers , Provincial Directorate of Environment and Provincial Mufti Osman Artan attended by officials of the Treasury.

The business world also met in Port Akdeniz iftar

Hosted by Port Akdeniz General Manager Özgür Sert, 12 brought together the business world of Antalya and its region at the iftar held at Hotel Su on June Monday. İftara, Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry - ATSO, Isparta Chamber of Commerce and Industry - ITSO, Antalya Industrialist Businessmen's Association - ANSIAD, Antalya Young Businessmen's Association - ANTGIAD, and Konyaalti Businessmen's Association - KONYSİAD Importers, authorities engaged in developing and conducting maritime trade were also present.

The record for port history at Konteyner was broken

Port Akdeniz General Manager Ozgur Sert, giving a good news in his speech at the iftar, said that they set a historical record in container handling. Özgör Sert said, “As Antalya Port, we broke the record of port history with 24.559 TEU in both import and export in May in container handling. Especially in this period, parallel to the growth and demand in the Chinese economy, a significant acceleration was achieved in the foreign trade volume. With this acceleration, the new investments we have made as a port operator and new applications that provide important advantages to our exporters (such as free storage service at the port temporary bonded area); In particular, it has contributed to the achievement of the highest volumes of block marble exports in recent years. Moreover, the increase in product diversity and the relative slowdown in exchange rate fluctuations have also accelerated container imports. However, although the general burden in the hinterland in the potential buyer countries in the confusion experienced continued, especially in cement exports increased compared to last year, ”he said.

Railway splashes the economy of Antalya and the region

With this good news; Ozgur Sert also mentioned another opportunity that would contribute not only to the economy of Antalya, but also to a very broad hinterland in terms of economy. gibi As I said before, the integration of Antalya Port with Railway transportation is from Konya to Isparta and even more. in a large hinterland economy, can make a significant leap in production and exports, Turkey will be a very important contribution to the economy, "he said.

Escaping opportunity in fresh vegetable and fruit exports: Qatar

In his speech, Ozgur Sert also drew attention to the importance of the use of maritime transport in fresh vegetable and fruit transportation, one of the most important production and export items of Antalya and its region, and added, “The introduction of maritime transport in fresh fruit and vegetable transportation; it will carry the markets addressed to far distant geographies, expand and expand our export and production figures to the highest level. The recent Qatar crisis reveals the opportunity we missed at this point. The embargo is completely blocked with road transport and other friendly countries Qatar dry food products export in Turkey playing an important role, age is the need for vegetables and fruits welcomes Iran by sea, "he said.

The Occupational Health and Safety is a first in Turkey

Port Akdeniz General Manager Özgür Sert, at the end of his speech with the Port-İş Union also mentioned about the work related to occupational health and safety. Özgür Sert said, uz With the protocol we have signed with Liman-İş Union, we carry out a very important work in the field of maritime and port management with the research and practices we initiated with the contributions of academic circles and relevant public authorities. This work is also a first for the private sector and we, as Port Akdeniz, have put our hands under the stone without any hesitation in such a beautiful and important work and we will continue to do so. ”

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