PO Marine meets with ship refuelers

PO Marine, met with ship fuel suppliers are: Turkey transit marine fuel in the maritime sector, maritime excise duty on fuel and marine lubricants manufacturer and sole distributor who sold the brand POLAR Marine, 8. International Istanbul Bunker Conference met with sector representatives. During the event, the PO Marine authorities exchanged information on fuel and lubricant services, one of the most important issues of the sector.

8 organized by the Association of Ship Fuel Refuelers. The opening of the International Istanbul Bunker Conference was hosted by PO Marine. In May, the 3 conference was held in 20, where around 200 met the representatives of the ship's refueling (Bunker) industry.

PO Marine brings the power of Petrol Ofisi, the leader of the fuel and mineral oil industry, to the seas. In addition to refueling refuel only brand in the industry, which lubricants capable PON Marine, both as a transit excise duty on fuel sales service offering is taking place in the sector as the sole distributor and manufacturer in Turkey. PO Marine officials, who shared this power in the sector with the 8th International Istanbul Bunker Conference with bunker supplyers, traders, brokers, survey / surveillance organizations, also had the opportunity to meet, meet and exchange views with industry representatives.

Providing information about fuel and lubricant services, one of the most important subjects of the maritime sector, PO Marine officials pointed out that the PO Marine brand has delivered high-performance fuel and mineral oils to its customers wherever they are in the world with their high quality and fast service thanks to the expert staff trained in maritime. Underlining the fact that they are responding to fuel and lubricant demands from all ports around the world thanks to its widespread service network, PO Marine's expert team stated that they are in a continuous and sustainable growth in the maritime sector with the power of Petrol Ofisi brand.

The world's 65 different countries that supply services aboard Marine PO, Turkey also positioned along the entire coastline and a sea terminal 8 1 floating station. Total 16 sea tanker with Turkey having the largest distribution network with PON Marine also gives service stations across the country 5 marina.

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