Osmangazi Bridge in the back of the people 1 how many billion uploaded per year!

It was revealed that the public paid 1 billion liras in 2 annually due to the failure of the quota guarantee given to the contracted company for the Osmangazi Bridge connecting Dilovası and Yalova.

The costs and tolls of the Osmangazi Bridge, opened by Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım and President Tayyip Erdoğan last year, continue to be discussed. The annual cost of the Osmangazi Bridge to the state turned out to be 2 billion pounds.

The quota guaranteed by the state could not be reached on the bridge which attracted a great reaction due to the toll guarantees, investment format and the quota guarantee to the tender company. So the cost of the bridge to the company 1 annually pay the people.

CHP Istanbul deputy Barış Yarkadaş said that despite the 1 year since the bridge was opened, the 40 thousand pass guarantee given to the operating company could not be provided. Yarkadas, despite the discounts, the number of 15 thousand could not reach even passed.

According to the provisions of the Gebze-İzmir Motorway, which includes the Osmangazi Bridge; Yarkadaş stated that the wage difference between the vehicles not only passing, but also the wage difference for the passing vehicles is considered as public obligation. UM In the 2010 September contract, the 35 for 2008 dollar price, which is determined as the Gulf Bridge toll, is based on 19 year. The wage rises as much as the increase in the US consumer prices index each year. According to the current rate, the state for the vehicle that passes 65 dollars or 75 TL, pays 140 TL revenue guarantee to the operating company. This account must be 2 TL. If you pass as the Minister said, you will pay this money. According to our calculations, the cost of a citizen is around XNUMX billion TL over a one-year period following the opening of the bridge. Yap

'Up to 2035 YEAR'
Saying that the cost of the bridge is around 1 billion dollars, Yarkadaş said, ılığı This money spent on the construction of the bridge was provided by the bank 9, which also includes state banks such as Halkbank and Vakıflar Bank, as a loan against the income guarantee of the AKP and no money out of the contractor's (contractor's) pocket. This is an unprecedented disgrace. Citizens (Build-Operate-Transfer) are required to pay this fee regardless of the difference between 2035 and XNUMX. This bridge is Deli Dumrul Bridge, Bu he said.

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