Olive Trees on the IZBAN Line are on the agenda again!

Olive Trees on the IZBAN Line are on the agenda again! : It is requested to transfer the olive trees located on the route of the project to extend the İZBAN line to Bergama. Feradun Durmaz, President of Aliaga Chamber of Agriculture, made an evaluation on the subject.

The works for the extension of IZBAN to Selcuk in the south and to Bergama in the north are ongoing. However, there are thousands of olive trees on the route through which the Bergama line will pass. The Republic of Turkey State Railways 3. The President of Aliağa Chamber of Agriculture, Ferudun Durmaz, made a statement requesting the transfer of the trees in the olive groves expropriated within the scope of the Aliağa - Bergama Railway Project. 6 000 olive trees are on the route only in Şakran region on İZBAN and highway route. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu'na conveyed this.

'We are uncomfortable with the conscience of olive trees going to the woods'

Two months ago, the Mayor of the Big City Aziz Kocaoğlu said that this issue was brought to the agenda again during the visit to Şakran and they were ready to perform their duties on the metropolitan municipality. It is important for us to transfer the trees left on İZBAN and the highway to the economy. Because, especially in the Şakran region, we can call the centuries-old olive trees. The fact that these trees go to the wood makes us uncomfortable. I am against it. Ben

'We can make a transfer list if necessary'

Ferudun Durmaz, who expressed his concern for the field in Yukarışakran and Aşağışakran and for many olive groves, emphasized that the transports can be realized through cooperatives or in another way. Aliağa Mayor Serkan Acar acted in this regard in the Şakran region on the route to the Aliaga park on the face of hundreds of trees transfer carried out transferring the Durmaz producers asked the producers to request the transfer. As a chamber of agriculture, they can make a transfer list if the Durmaz metropolitan and district municipality to provide more support to the effort shown that the solution is not produced a serious loss of olive trees will be noted.

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