85 reduced level crossing accidents

85 declined in level crossing accidents: TCDD General Directorate announced that 10 million 760 thousand 771 liras has been spent in the last 79 year for level and overpass construction work.

According to the written statement made by the General Directorate of TCDD, it has been celebrated as “World Level Crossing Awareness Day” (ILCAD) since 28 June 2009 in order to create the awareness of level crossing users that accidents can be prevented by following the transition rules.

This year 2 ILCAD events to be celebrated in Montreal in June (3) were held in Istanbul on the date of 2015 June XNUMX hosted by TCDD.

As a result of the World International Level Crossing Awareness Day, brochures containing the causes and precautions of accidents are prepared and distributed to the citizens and posters are hanged in public spaces and public spots are published in order to raise public awareness about level crossing accidents.

In order to prevent level crossing accidents leading to loss of life and property, TCDD has been carrying out significant studies since 2003.

In the last 14 year, the number of 1.800 gates was closed and the number of gates with 4.810 decreased by 37 to 3.010. During the 2003-2016 years between 16-627, 1.079 has reached the level of the protected level crossing, reaching the protected level number of XNUMX.

2014 gate plate has been renewed from 2.267 to today and the safety level has been increased in 75 of all passages. The entire remaining 743 gateway will be renewed in 2017, which will reach 100.
2.111 pieces were renewed with rubber or composite material and 71 of all passages were made more secure and comfortable for vehicle passage.

The 150 unit was planned to be switched off by making 306 overhead / underpass within the scope of the double track rail.

Completion of 61 overpass / overpass in Konya-Karaman High Speed ​​Train Line has been completed. In addition, the construction of 30.000 has started in the scope of the removal of 60 pieces which are above 26 in TCDD lines.
In 2015 risk analyzes of all level crossings were performed.

In the last 10 year, 760.771.079 TL was spent for grade / overpass construction with level crossing improvements.

While 2000 accident occurred in 361 as a result of the studies carried out to date on the level crossings, in 2016 this number was realized as 51 and 85 rate decreased.

In the statement made by TCDD, “Although this decrease in accident numbers is pleasing, we aim to achieve zero accidents at level crossings with the works to be done and measures to be taken. We expect all our level crossing users, drivers and pedestrians to act with utmost care for the safety of life and property at level crossings. ” The statement said.


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