The level crossing at Kuşçuburun was to the farmer

The level crossing at Kuşçuburun was to the farmer: after the closure of the level crossing in Kuşçuburun, the large cargo vehicles began to use the Özbey Road for transportation. Dust from the tractor and the trucks use the Ozbey Way to damage the labor of farmers. Mehmet Soykan, Head of Protection of Farmers' Goods, said,

The negativity in TORBALI comes back and shoots the farmer. Following the closure of the level crossing providing access on the İZBAN line in Kuşçuburun, the large freight vehicles started to use the Özbey Road. Hundreds of trucks and trucks on Ozbey Road, where the truck is passing through the dust, the farmers in the field according to the crop is damaged. In addition, farmers, working in the fields, said they were experiencing difficulties due to dust.


Expressing that the farmers are suffering from this problem on the Özbey Road, Mehmet Soykan, the President of the Protection of Farmers' Goods, said, ı Özbey Road passes through the agricultural lands. After the level gate was closed, large trucks such as trucks and trucks started to use this route. Because of the dust blown from here, it is almost a matter of trouble for me to call the 15-20 farmer phone every day. If the airport was not closed when the plane crashed at the airport, why was the level crossing closed? The problem of our farmers should be solved. Çift

”TOZ MAHSULÜ finishes“

Mehmet Soykan stated that the labor of the farmers is wasted due to the spilled dusts. This means that the labor of our farmers is wasted. Our farmers are right to complain about this issue. We ask the competent authorities for the transportation of trucks and trucks to provide a solution to this problem. Tır


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