Konya - Karaman YHT Line 2 Underpass Opened to Traffic

2 Underpasses on the Konya - Karaman YHT Line Opened to Traffic: Two of the 4 underpasses, which were completed by Konya Metropolitan Municipality on the Konya - Karaman High Speed ​​Train route, were opened to vehicle traffic.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality opened two of the 4 vehicle underpasses on the Konya - Karaman High Speed ​​Train route to vehicle traffic.

After completing the 7 pedestrian underpass in the high-speed train route, the Metropolitan Municipality has completed the 4 of 2 vehicles under the need and completed the XNUMX.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek, since the 2004 81 units and pedestrian upper and lower pass the city said they have earned, said that investments in areas in need, said. President Akyurek noted that they made many bridged intersections in order to ensure the continuous flow of traffic at the strategic points of the city, thus solving the traffic problem in the city center. He began to serve. President Akyürek stated that the other two underpasses completed on the same route will be put into service in a short time.

The total cost of the four-vehicle underpass completed by the Metropolitan Municipality on the High-Speed ​​Train line is 14 million pounds.



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