İZBAN flights will be tightened

İZBAN expeditions to be tightened: the foundation of the Gulf Transit Project, which is planned to be planned in September, drawing attention to the AK Party Rock, m Two collar, 1.1 will join the billion. Istanbul has Marmaray, Izmir will be the Gulf pass. İstanbul

AK Party's İzmir deputies have a name that is frequently mentioned among the sorun Atilla Kaya lar who created the Agenda with his statements, often takes his leave of duty in İzmir except for his duties in Ankara. Kaya İzmir country you endeavor to take the share it deserves in general, for the discovery of the city's values, says intensive work and adds: "Izmir, Turkey's pupil a city. I don't understand why this city is so lagging behind. If we are a little constructive, the projects are not opposed, we become Europe's favorite. In urban transformation, if there were no obstacles in the Gulf Transition Project, İzmir would add value to its value. But we continue our way as power. Despite all the obstacles, we are working to implement our Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım's projects one by one. tüm

What is the purpose of suing?

What will the Gulf Transit Project add to Izmir?

Let me tell you very clearly. When this project is realized, Izmir will be evaluated as before and after the Gulf transition. So, the Gulf Crossing Project, just relieving traffic, Karşıyakafrom Konak to the two sides of the project will not meet in six minutes. İzmir will be the new tourism center. It will create a great synergy with the island in the middle.

Within the project there are both rail and road and bridge crossings. An area that we plan in artificial island will be turned into a tourism center. This region will be one of the new symbols of Izmir. A tremendous project. But there is a case of our sorrow. They are trying to prevent and delay our projects. What do you need, what are you doing, what is your purpose? Traffic is the most important problem in the city. You have also opposed the Konak Tunnel. Look, the number of vehicles passing through the tunnel has exceeded 15 million. This is a serious figure. We will connect the two sides of İzmir with the Gulf Passage Project in six minutes. We will have an investment of 1.1 billion in Izmir. Istanbul has the Marmara, Izmir will be the Gulf pass.

We finished the EIA process. Next month I think the tender process will begin. We can not say anything about the history, the net clearly, the foundation will be laid in September.

Torbalı solved the main problem of Izmir

He tore off his bag with pouch, growing fast. It covers most of Izmir's tax. Where is Torbalı going?
The county where I grew up. The biggest reason for Torbalı to catch this potential is an indication of what the general and local power will achieve when it comes to hand. today bagged, Turkey's busiest immigration district. More than in Istanbul.

We're talking to the mayor. We make the city planning according to the 10 yearly period. 300-350 is thought to be a thousand inhabitants. We have hard working citizens in our district. Both agriculture and industry, no empty idioms, continuous investment thinkers. Apart from that, the general government, the chamber of commerce, the chamber of commerce and the chamber of trades, all a whole. In fact, Torbalı is a district that has solved the main problem of İzmir.

İZBAN flights will be tightened

Is there a study on how to increase the number of İZBAN voyages?

Yes, with the Develet Railways. İZBAN is an example project and an important element in the transportation of İzmir today. Izmir without İZBAN cannot be imagined. Working on it. 100 is correct. In particular, there is work at the point of increasing the number of voyages. But it's early to talk yet for sure.

Balıkesir-Izmir line

İZBAN project is expanding. A similar idea, Mayor of Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality also proposed. He stated that the rail system to be built in the coastal districts would integrate İzmir and Balıkesir. Is it possible to realize this project?
Prime Minister threw the foundation

Our work is not just Izmir. As a result, the project that concerns all Anatolia. The driving force of Anatolia is İzmir. Now we are already trying to restore that mission of Izmir. We take the Denizli-Antalya highway to the tender. We finished the İzmir-Aydın stage. The tender will be held for Aydın-Denizli. Denizli-Antalya section is being made. In other words, there is the Menemen-Aliağa-Çandarlı highway project, which is the basis of our Prime Minister. The road will be tied up to the Çanakkale bridge. There's this project we always think about. İzmir will be the main hub of the transportation network and all settlements will be reached around it. This is what we do. If we carry out a technical study between the districts of Balıkesir and İzmir, the reason for this study can, of course, be done.

More companies come

Allianz carries its insurance operations center to İzmir. Are other companies coming?

İzmir is now one of the most efficient places in terms of management logic with the impact of Istanbul's congestion. Izmir will no longer provide added value to the pull of the work attention of companies such centers, Turkey's most notable companies in would argue that five years, or even the few companies in the center of Europe, the move if the city is also good planning we can Izmir. If we can plan the city well, we will see the future of more companies together.

'78 of the highway is ok'

9 of Izmir-Istanbul Motorway project, which will reduce the highway transportation between IZMIR and Istanbul to 3 hours from 78 hours, has been completed. The Gebze-Bursa section of the project, which includes the 384 kilometer, the 49 kilometer, and 433 kilometer connection road, including the İzmit Bay Crossing and connecting roads, has been put into service. Together with this section that opens to traffic, drivers can reach the motorway from Bursa entrance and reach to Gebze without interruption. Another part of the project is the 20 kilometer highway between Kemalpaşa and İzmir. Kaya emphasized that the project will be completed by 2 years earlier than expected in the contract and will be a record in this field.

Source : www.milliyet

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