Istiklal Street air will blow in Düzce


The Istiklal Street air will blow in Düzce: Düzce Municipality, which aims to transform the busiest street of Düzce, which will be closed to vehicle traffic on Friday night, into the famous İstiklal Street air of Istanbul, has opened a tender for the tramway. When the project is completed, a nostalgic tram will pass through the middle of Istanbul Street.

A new era will begin
Istanbul Street, which is described as the heart of Düzce due to its being the center of the bazaar, is finally closed to vehicle traffic. Mayor Mehmet Keleş, who will implement the project of pedestrianization of the street, which has been the dream of presidents since the time of Ruhi Kurnaz, in his second term, is closely following the work. One of the most important targets in the project, where it is of great importance to lift the load on alternative routes, especially due to the fact that the traffic on the street will be cut like a knife, will be the tram. A new era will begin in Düzce with the closure of the street to vehicle passage on Friday, June 9.

Tram will pass through Istiklal Avenue
After Spor Street and Gaziantep Street, another street in the heart of the city will only serve pedestrians. Moreover, the tram will pass through the middle of Istanbul, like the famous Istiklal Street.

The tender will be prepared on June 21, after the closure of Istanbul Street, which has been carrying the load of vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the center of Düzce for years, to vehicle traffic, again on the same street. In this context, a tender was opened for the construction of a 950-meter Rail System Tramway on Istanbul Street. The tender, which was opened by Düzce Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, will be held on 21 June. Tender documents can be obtained from the directorate.

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