Hürriyet carried İzmit's never-ending tram to the parliament

Hürriyet carried İzmit's never-ending tram to the parliament: CHP Kocaeli Deputy Hürriyet touched on the tram works that have become a problem in Izmit in his speech at the parliament.

Speaking at the Parliament, Clerk Member of the Parliament Presidency Council and CHP Kocaeli Deputy Fatma Kaplan Hürriyet touched on the damages caused by the tramway works that turned into a snake story in Izmit. Deputy Hürriyet said, “The tram project, which could not be finished in the center of Izmit, now turning into a snake story, at every opportunity they say, 'We will open it today, we will open it today,' unfortunately, has already infuriated the traffic jam that already exists in Izmit. Since the project was not completed, the tradesmen around it had to close the shutters constantly. Many of our people are constantly victimized by these projects, which were made wrong, started wrong and could not be finished in some way. In this regard, I think it is important for city managers to do business with companies that are more sensitive, knowledgeable, know the city, and work with units that know the city more and know the texture of the city ”.

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