Intense response to women in Bursa

Intense reaction to the application of separate wagons for women in Bursa: The separate wagon application for women in Bursa was met with great reaction from women. Women evaluated the practice on Ekmek and Gül.

Following the pink bus and pink taxi applications, which impose sex discrimination by imposing harassment, pushing women out of social life, a separate wagon was put on the subway in Bursa. Women reacted to the practice.

In Bursaray stations, the warnings written as kapı priority wagons for our female passengers lar were placed at the door entrances. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Transport Company Burulaş officials, the application began on demand, the last will be given priority to women in the wagon, but men can travel in these wagons said.

A large number of women who are members of Bursa Women's Platform met at Otosansit station where the 'priority wagon' inscription was placed. Women protesting the practice "Priority wagon for our female passengers!" he wiped the written sign. Women from Bursa evaluated the discriminatory practice to Ekmek and Gül.

Women in the social media launched Kadınlar We are looking for Burulaş!! Campaign wants to withdraw the separate wagon application immediately. Women launched by Bursa Women's Platform said Burulaş's number is 444 99 16.



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  1. women who make tantana get the AKP to react to the show they are doing. People who want to go apart in the car will not restrict the right of the person who wants to go apart. goodbye