Annual Turnover of Shipping Industry Reached 2,5 Billion Dollars

Ahmet Arslan
Ahmet Arslan

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Ahmet Arslan stated that the amount of investment made in the ship sector in the last 15 years is 2,8 billion dollars, “This is an important figure. The number of shipyards increased from 35 to 79. There are 585 boat building sites, we have a steel processing capacity of 700 thousand tons per year and a shipbuilding capacity of 4,5 million tons per year.” said.

Minister Arslan attended the ceremony organized for the launch of the MV Jambo Ferry, which was built by Özata Shipyard for the Republic of Kenya, operating in the shipyard area in Altınova district.

Turkey in the last 15 years Arslan stressed that serious, long way ahead, the annual turnover of the shipping industry reached $ 2,5 billion, he said.

Stating that they are talking about the shipbuilding sector, not the maritime industry, Arslan said, “Maritime is far beyond this. Moreover, maritime, which is an international sector, continues to grow the sector in our country, to make progress and to provide employment, while the world has been experiencing a serious crisis since 2008. We are talking about a size of 2,5 billion dollars. This includes export, maintenance, repair, domestic production, sub-industry and ship recycling industry. " he spoke.

We provide 90 thousand employments with the sub-industry

Emphasizing that they aim to be much larger employment figures Arslan, said:

“We went from 35-36 shipyards to 79 shipyards in the country, but this sector could not achieve the growth above our expectations due to much greater employment and the global crisis. It has gone into a stagnation period in recent years. Even counting in our place despite the crisis in the world is a success for us, it is an important point for us. Only direct employment in this region is 17 thousand. It is much bigger if you consider the sub-industry and indirect employment. Therefore, we employ 30 thousand jobs in our shipyards and 90 thousand jobs together with the supplier industry. This means a livelihood for 500 thousand people, 500 thousand people make a living from this sector. "

The number of shipyards increased from 35 to 79

Minister Arslan, the sector has been improving itself every day by pointing, continued his speech:

“We are glad to see that the sector is renewing and developing itself. Significant initiatives and breakthroughs are made in order to get a greater share from the world with very different types of shipbuilding with very different production types. As a matter of fact, the ship we are exporting to Kenya from here today is a good example for this. The amount of investment made in the ship sector in the last 15 years is 2,8 billion dollars. This is an important figure. The number of shipyards has increased from 35 to 79. We have 585 boat building sites, we have a steel processing capacity of 700 thousand tons on the road and we have a shipbuilding capacity of 4,5 million tons of ship per year. Again deadweights 2 million tons pooling from a country that has the capacity, we are talking about Turkey. It has an annual maintenance and repair capacity of 21 million tons of weight. Under the credit guarantee fund, 10 ships of 20 companies were provided with a guarantee of 250 million lira. Again, this sector was made to benefit from ship investments from the 2nd region incentives and the 5th region incentives by taking them within the scope of the 5th region. Ship investments were taken under the loan guarantee fund. "

Referring to the fact that the shipyards have solved the zoning problem, Arslan said, “Rent prices were also a serious burden on this sector. The fact that it is arranged to be one-thousandth of the turnover has relieved the sector seriously, we also see that. Again, we made an arrangement that increased the lease terms to 49 years, especially in order to overcome the problem of the sector in finding loans. It is an important step in paving the way for this sector and creating added value for the country. " used the expression.

Exports reached 1 billion dollars per year

Minister Arslan, emphasizing the importance of exports in the shipping sector, said:

“Exports have come from about 500 million dollars to 1 billion dollars a year. This is also a very important step. It was an important distance we covered. It is pleased to say that, as a country, we have made great strides for 15 years in order to pave the way for the growth of this maritime country without neglecting the seas of a seafaring country, as the ministry, as the governments, we have done more than whatever falls upon us. After that, I hope we will try to do more. The reason is that our country's goals are great. Since our country prioritizes 2023, 2035 and 2053 targets and prioritizes exports in these targets, and knowing that this is the indispensable transportation infrastructure, we will provide all kinds of support to the sector in all types of transportation, especially as it is today. We will make all kinds of cooperation with the sector and hopefully we will develop the sector much more. "

Following the speeches, the 84,60 meter length built from steel construction material for the Republic of Kenya, the 18 automobile at 62 meters, the ferry of the passenger carrying capacity of one thousand 350 passengers, Minister Arslan, Yalova Governor Tuğba Yılmaz, AK Party Yalova Deputy Fikri Demirel, Özata Shipyard Chairman Özdemir Ataseven , Ramadan Seif Kajembe, Head of Ferry Services in Kenya, cut the ferry together.

Later, Minister Arslan visited Altınova Municipality and met with Mayor Metin Oral. Oral presented Minister Arslan a handcrafted painting with the theme of Herzegovina Lagoon.

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