Bridge warning from Transport Minister Aslan

Bridge warning from Transportation Minister Aslan: Transport Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Aslan, who responded to the complaints that the free passage system works that will also start on July 15 Martyrs Bridge after Istanbul Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge caused congestion on the bridges, has been announced that these works will start on television for days. said citizens should take action accordingly. Arslan said that the works will be completed on the scheduled calendar.

Arslan, in Parliament sohbetWhen the citizens were reminded that they complained about the traffic in Istanbul due to the renovation and the blockage in the bridges, “Some drivers say why they did not inform them in advance, but I have participated in TV programs for 10 days and announced this in person. In addition, explanations were made. We made them aware. Let them take your precautions. I follow the studies from moment to moment. You cannot do this work 7/24. There is a flow of things. It is done in the order of flow. " It was announced that the work was planned to be completed on 15 July.



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