Environmentally friendly new buses commenced service in Diyarbakır

Environmentally friendly new buses commenced service in Diyarbakır: Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, in the year of 2017, buys environmentally friendly natural gas 32 buses and provides high quality and comfortable transportation services for the citizens in the city center and districts. Participating in the city tour of the 12 bus citizens are participating in the Mayor of the city Cumali Atilla, greeting the citizens increased the quality of transportation service, he said.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality has renewed and expanded its fleet of vehicles for a quality, comfortable and more comfortable transportation service. A demonstration ceremony was held at the Metropolitan Municipality Bus Operations Directorate in Bağlar district for the bus operations. Mayor of the Mayor Cumali Atilla and Secretary General Muhsin Eryilmaz and administrative units were responsible for the ceremony. Closely examining the vehicle to the steering wheel, President Atilla, followed by the city tour of the bus.

'We increased quality in transportation'

President Atilla salutes the citizens of buses, said that they increased the quality of transportation service, kal Buses, Diyarbakir will serve our citizens. I hope that our buses will be beneficial to Diyarbakir people. May Allah protect you from all kinds of accidents, Allah he said.

Disabled ramp, free internet and stations

90 is a bus for people with disabilities. The disabled and baby carriages will be able to use the buses easily. The Metropolitan Municipality will also provide free Wi-Fi and charging services for new buses.

The problem of public transportation was brought to the point of solving

152 in the city center, 79 to the districts, providing 241 bus by public transport service, the new city bus to the center of the city center to solve the problem of public transportation brought 32.

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