China: Smart Buses on the Road

bus stops with smart stops
bus stops with smart stops

📩 01/01/2022 20:05

Wanting to solve the transportation and traffic problem at reasonable prices, China has produced a modular vehicle that is powered by electricity, a mixture of trains, trams and buses that has never been produced before. Moreover, it can work without a driver.

The Chinese continue to thrive on technological leaps. Their last move was a driverless public transport, where buses, trams and trains were put together.

The vehicle called 'smart bus' by the firm named CRRC seems to be much more than this. First of all, it has a modular structure like a train. The wagon can be added and removed, but can be used on the road without the need for rail.

One of the amazing features is that the vehicle can travel without a driver on a predetermined route. Moreover, the sensor-powered vehicle is doing this through the white strips on the road.

According to CRRC chief engineer Fen Jianghua, the strip serves as a rail for the vehicle. The capacity of the 30 meter long hybrid vehicle is 300 passengers. Capacity can be changed by adding or removing wagon on request. The vehicle, which is electric and capable of speeding 70 kilometers per hour, can go 10 kilometers on a 25-minute charge.

Smart bus technology is cheaper than trains and trams because it does not require any extra infrastructure. According to Chinese media reports, the cost of making one-kilometer subway cost is 102 million, while the standard-length driverless bus technology called ART, 2, costs $ 1 million.

According to Habertürk's report, it is thought that this technology will be very attractive for medium and small-sized cities in China that have transportation problems and have difficulty in meeting the costs of rail or metro. The system will first be used in the 4 million city of Zhuzhou in Hunon region in early 2018. - Habertürk

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