The bills were cut to women in Bursa!

In Bursaray, they started a practice without even the name under the name of "priority wagon for our female passengers.

Everybody knew how dark their mentality was.

The last steps were known.

The meaning of the other in the dictionary, woman.

In the mentality that legitimizes the rape of male children, they cannot even call them women, they refer to them as "women".

They always make women pay for their inability, their anger, their heresy!

They humiliate, beat, rape, kill ...

Now it's the same.

They could not manage Bursa.

They cut the bill again.

BURULAŞ, Turkey's most infamous and expensive public transport services (!) Offers.

The scrap wagons they buy are broken every day.

People are forced to make a trip to the fish farm.

50 percent of the domestic wagons have saved their lies on the hike in transportation charges raised.

Well, did they at least increase the number of flights on the subway despite the exorbitant prices?

Of course not…

Even the air conditioners are not working properly.

The suffering of the people is getting more and more every day.

As the anger of the citizens approached an uncontrollable point, they attempted to cover up their injustice by isolating women.

They signed a perception operation that would confuse the social media and change the agenda.

Now they think they will not talk about the tariffs, domestic savings, how people are condemned to outdated transport, and the rotten wagons.

Women from the second class of the idea of ​​the comrades in the nowadays, they get a lot of applause, or for now, they do not care about the world!

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe, while posing for the press in the subway, we encountered a very modern means of transport.

Everybody was sitting, the wagons were empty.

People were traveling in a very civilized way.

Now, what is the isolation of this? Levent Fidansoy, boss of BURULAŞ?

Or were those images taken in the parallel universe, and we didn't know?

In the meantime, how do you plan to run the priority wagon application?

You put up with those hands on top of the wagons with the truncheon, what will happen when someone does not give priority to you?

Do you realize that in this ridiculous attempt you have turned everyone in your city into a potential pervert?

When men and women start to travel by crushing women, will the transportation problem in the subway be solved?

You are now the only one responsible for everything that women in other wagons may be exposed to without applying your isolation, are you aware of this?

Also, this sapling is noble who started to say that women could not travel comfortably because of Syrians.

The incidents of harassment and molestation have increased very much in the subway ...

He must have forgotten that they filled the Syrians to Bursa themselves!

Those who come from the mountain will fire the tie, you will watch, and then you will try to impose a Middle Eastern lifestyle on us as a solution?

They start with a wagon, pink sidewalk, road, workplace.

Affordable humanitarian transportation is the right of everyone.

Instead of asking for it, women who support the isolation cars should see that they are in a grave mistake.

Remember, there are those who censor even the arms of women wearing t-shirts, questioning your exit hours.

When you want to be trapped in a cage tomorrow, you may be too late to rebel.

Those who say that we want to prevent harassment, first rape, to stop legitimizing the murders of women.

Look at the fresh news: The murderer of the woman who was stabbed to death in 15 places in the middle of the street in Bursa received a discount from the court!

What can you prevent without educating the community, subjecting the heads to transformation?

Their concern is to isolate women from society by completely removing their identity as they destroy Bursa's identity.

It shouldn't be too hard to see what their intentions are.

The women of Bursa should not allow this black order.

Source: Yaman Kaya - I



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