Eurasia Tunnel Transfer Fee Can Now Be Paid From Garanti Bank

Eurasia Tunnel Passing Fee Can Now Be Paid From Garanti Bank: Eurasia Tunnel, which eases transportation as the shortest route between two continents in Istanbul, has added a new one to the payment facilities offered to drivers as a result of its cooperation with Garanti Bank. Drivers who use the Eurasia Tunnel will pay the toll if they cross the violation. Besides the address, it will be able to easily pay through Garanti Bank branches or mobile and internet banking services.

Eurasia Tunnel, which cuts the journey between Asia and Europe continents to 5 minutes, makes life easier for drivers with its high technology toll payment alternatives.

In cooperation with the Eurasia Tunnel and Garanti Bank, drivers will be able to easily pay tolls and violated transitional penalties, as well as all branches of Garanti Bank, as well as mobile branch and internet banking services, with the 7 day 24 hours easily. Mobile branch and internet banking payment service 23 June 2017'dan start, the cashier payment service Ramadan Feast holiday due to 28 June 2017 will start on Wednesday.

Drivers have been paying tolls since March. He can also pay at.

Payment service that saves drivers from punishment

Drivers who do not have sufficient funds in their HGS and OGS accounts, are not included in any automatic payment system, and who have gone through violations, question their transition with license plate, ID or tax numbers, through Garanti Bank's payment channels or You can pay safely, quickly and easily through the website. Drivers who pay the toll within 15 days after crossing the Eurasia Tunnel with a violation may also be able to prevent the criminal procedure applied pursuant to Article 6001 of Law No. 30.

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