Assignment Departments Are Changed

Appointment Departments in Teaching Areas have Changed: Ministry of National Education (MEB) June issues magazine has been published. Significant changes have been noticed in the magazine Tebimli. Changes have been made to the university departments of 22 of the teaching fields that are the basis for appointment.

In the June 2017 issue of the Ministry of National Education Journal of Announcements, the principles regarding the changes in teaching fields, appointment and course teaching principles were published. The new version of the changes made in the Teaching Fields, Assignment and Course Teaching Principles published in the Journal of Announcements dated March 2014 and numbered 2678, which is included in the Journal of Notifications, is as follows.

The changes in the subject teaching branches which are the basis for appointment are as follows:
Journalism, Map-Tapu-Cadastre, Map-Tapu-Cadastre Technique, Map-Tapu-Cadastre Law, Construction Technology, Building Design, Building Decoration, Hospitality and Travel Services, Printing / Printing Technology, Accounting and Finance, Music, Rail Systems Technology , Rail Systems Electrical - Electronics, Rail Systems Construction, Rail Systems Machinery, Rail Systems Mechatronics, Art and Design, Interior Decoration, Plastic Arts, Decorative Arts, Food and Beverage Services, while making changes in the departments of Civil Aviation was added as a new teaching area.

The subjects to be assigned as teachers, higher education programs and courses to be taught in monthly basis: The fields to be assigned as teachers, the higher education program to be graduated for each field teacher and the courses to be taught according to the fields and sub-fields of the teachers assigned for teaching are indicated in the annex table.

Educational Status: Teachers are selected among those who have at least undergraduate degree from the higher education programs shown against these fields in terms of the fields indicated in the annex.

CLICK for the full text of the notification. CLICK HERE for the teaching fields mentioned in the previous communiqué.

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