Apaydın made the Iftar with the trainers in Malatya

Apaydın made a statement in Malatya with the railwaymen: TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın7 2017 June 5 TCDD Malatya XNUMX on Wednesday. Participated in the iftar program organized by the Regional Directorate.

Apaydın, Deputy General Manager, Chief of Department, Head of the Board of Inspectors, Head of Press and Public Relations, and Head of Department in Malatya, participated in the iftar program.

GER We live in a period where the importance of the railway is given “

Apaydın, who made a speech following the Iftar, was the first of the iftar programs planned in the Regional Directorates this year, 5, whose responsibility is to the southern borders where the difficult conditions prevail. He said that he prefers to do it at the regional directorate.

Despite the difficult conditions of the region, Apaydın thanked the personnel who successfully fulfilled their duties and pointed out that unity and solidarity were very important and emphasized that the month of Ramadan reinforced the feelings of unity and brotherhood.

Apaydın pointed out that the railway mobilization started by giving great importance to the railways by our governments and 2003 was invested on the railways from 60 to XNUMX and gave information about the ongoing projects, especially the high speed and high speed train lines. Apaydın emphasized that the periods in which the railways were given importance in the historical process, gereken Fortunately, we live in a period of importance given to the railways. This doesn't happen to any generation. We should appreciate the value of this period. We need to make up for the lost years and close the gap between us and the developed countries. For this, we must work together more in the spirit of unity and solidarity. Only then will we fulfill our responsibilities to the railways and our country in the best possible way. Ancak

TCDD 5. In his speech, Regional Director Üzeyir Ülker, General Director of TCDD İsa Apaydın and 5 to the first iftar program by thanking them for their participation. Starting from the region pleased themselves to be passed.

TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın, after the speeches, meeting with employees and representatives of non-governmental organizations in groups, sohbet did. He instructed those concerned to solve the problems expressed by the employees.

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