Date Given for Akçaray Expeditions! New Order Begins…

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Tahir Büyükakın announced the changes to be implemented within the scope of Izmit City Traffic Planning Plan at Antikkapı Meeting Hall. Hürriyet, Alemdar, İnönü, Leyla Atakan Street traffic that major changes were made that explain the Secretary-General Büyükakın, the new traffic order 12 June on Monday, 16 June on the tram will start on June, underlined.


Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın, Assistant Secretary General Ali Yeşildal, Gökmen Mengüç, Doğan Erol, Chairman Ömer Polat, Transportation Park General Manager Yasin Özlü, Heads of Departments and Metropolitan Managers attended. Secretary General Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın Mannesman factory area of ​​87 million bought and said they will make a terminal here. Büyükakin added that the new traffic order will start on Monday, and on Friday the tram runs between 07.00 and 22.00 in the morning.


Secretary General Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın, Tah An important day in the history of the city. We bought the upper part of Mannesman for 87 million pounds and we pay the money in advance. We're getting the west terminal here. So we will relieve the trapped traffic starting on the SEKA tunnel. Mannesman will be the new transfer center. Here you have the subway station and the station at the tram station. After the 6 month, this is where the tire wheels meet. There will be a hairpin bridge and there will be a turn. There will also be free parking at the West Terminal. These require 6 monthly planning and construction work. It will end towards the end of the year. Una


Secretary-General Büyükakın noted that they had made very radical decisions. Büyük While Leyla Atakan was on a two-way street, she would now only move from south to north. İnönü Caddesi Baç Junction will be one way up to Cumhuriyet Park. When we made the change in İnönü street, we made the emergency room and the intensity of the new public hospital. İnönü Caddesi Baç Junction will be double direction towards the hospital again. We do not expect traffic jams in İnönü Street. Alemdar Street will flow down the traffic. Hurriyet Street will flow in the east-west direction. Hürriyet tunnel will go up to the gara. “He said.


. We gave a U-turn where the art school was. There is also a U-turn near the World Eye Hospital. On Hürriyet and Cumhuriyet Street, we gave a U-turn next to the first peg. A vehicle from Hurriyet Street will be able to transfer to Cumhuriyet Street from this turn. A vehicle descending from Gazenfer Bilge Avenue will use the U turn in front of the School of Art to go to Yahya Kaptan. A vehicle from the Gölcük area will use the U-turn in front of the World Eye hospital to enter the city center. Göl


-We have also made arrangements at the subway near the Central Bank and from there to the D-100 south side. With the new construction, a vehicle coming from the north side road can be connected directly to the south of the D-100. A vehicle coming from the side road can go upside down Efe Petrol. A vehicle coming from Cumhuriyet Street and heading towards the Thursday Market side can go down the side of the Fevziye Mosque and enter the North Side road. Cumhuriyet


Ik We created a movement counterclockwise, so we aimed to prevent traffic disruption. Bus will not enter Republic and Hurriyet Street. We made the Mannesman area for the transfer. Abdurrahman Yuksel Street will be the exit. Belsa Park's entrance will also be the place where you are currently check-out. There will be an entrance from the top to the entrance on the Alemdar. The area we're talking about is an area of ​​1.


Tram 30 completes the line in minutes. 45 completes in minutes with other tools. 15 has minutes advantage. But we did the 2035 year of the tram. 32 is a meter tall tram. 4 is a green bus. The 10 will go an hour. This means 40 bus. In 2035 the tram 2 will also be lifted a minute. In 2035 the population will be 4 million. This means 120 bus. Every 30 means that you pass a bus per second. We're doing it not to be.


When we come to 2035, there will be no traffic on Republic or Hürriyet Street. Traffic will not be so comfortable unless we use the airway after that. The population is growing, the number of vehicles is increasing, but our paths do not have a chance to increase. We started to take measures related to carbon emission with natural gas vehicles. We will further improve the emission value of the tram. The tram will be free including the festival.


We're working on possible axles. We will also start the extension of the tram to the prison area when the tram is fully operational. We set the time of the tram according to the trip values. Traffic regulation will begin on Monday. We'il wait for this to sit first. 20 will also launch one time on Friday. The tram will run from 07.00 to 22.00 on Friday. In the following process, the tram 10 will be lifted once in a minute and then in 6 minutes.


Our city is not accustomed to the tram. We need to pay special attention. The vehicles must not enter the tramway according to the head. We want drivers and citizens to help us. 113 million tender tender price. But 90 cost about a million. We dropped them from the firm's file because we were in the area so the business could grow up.




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