Afyonkarahisar Castle Cable Car System to be Tender with Passenger Guarantee

Afyonkarahisar Castle Cable Car System to be Tender with Passenger Guarantee
Afyonkarahisar Castle Cable Car System to be Tender with Passenger Guarantee

📩 28/11/2021 14:35

At the June Meeting of the Afyonkarahisar Municipality Council, the proposal for the tender for the establishment of the Afyonkarahisar Castle cable car system by giving a passenger guarantee for 20 years in return for the right of use was unanimously accepted.

Mayor Burhanettin Çoban, who explained that all the operations related to the ropeway are finished, the project and the tender dossier are ready, said, T We are in a position to start when we tend to the tender. But there is a situation like this; university hospital escalator system is established, every day is a failure and the technical maintenance of this in Afyon, the team will be coming from Ankara is expected for days. I asked them all the cities of the cable car, "I can not come to the right of the municipalities," they said. We will tender with build-operate-transfer model. There are demands, there are arrivals, but they want to guarantee passengers rightly. This system is applied in all provinces when we look at it. Contractor companies can get loans from banks by showing the money they can get from this passenger guarantee. Zaten


President Çoban added that the income-expense balance and detailed calculation would be made. Ç Monthly and passenger guarantee is between 100-150 thousand TL. The price is spoken by 8-10 lira. If we do so, it will be operated professionally and everything will be owned by the company, including its failure and maintenance. If the ropeway works, we will receive a share and annual fixed rental price according to the rate determined in the tender. In addition, the firm will be able to set up a souvenir selling point in the castle with its cafeteria and souvenir sales point. Transparent and clear, we will make our tender in a way that everyone can enter. The cost is between 10 and 15 million pounds. If we do this, we will look at how much money we spend per year and the cost of the operator. Otherwise we will not do business without a bookless account. Ac


Mayor Çoban pointed out that if the passenger is not given a guarantee fee, the municipality will need to do this. Girme Because no other firm will take a tender in these conditions. Besides, if we do, the lowest bidder will get the job. That company will establish the ropeway system using the lowest priced materials that meet the TSE standards. O In the upper neighborhoods where historical buildings and mansions are located, 200 thousand visitors come in the form of estimates that the President Çoban, 200 thousand visitors to the 100 bin in the use of the cable car said that the municipality will not suffer. President Shepherd, unanimously adopted the decision, at each stage will be informed of the members of the Municipal Assembly, he said.