Akfen transfers its 8.1 percent share in TAV to French Aéroports de Paris

Akfen Holding signed a share transfer agreement with France-based Aéroports de Paris Group for the remaining 8.1 share of TAV Airports Holding. Akfen 6.7 will be implemented in Turkey comes from this period billion pounds plan to use for the investment package.

Fen The first act of my 20 annual TAV adventure closes here. TAV is a Turkish company and will remain that way. It is every Turkish citizen's right to take pride in this world brand we have created. ”

Akfen Holding laid the foundations for the remaining 1997 share in TAV Airports Holding, which was established by the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ) in Istanbul Atatürk Airport International Terminal Build-Operate-Transfer tender in 8.1 in France. (ADP) signed a share transfer agreement with TANK ÖWA alpha GmbH.

the speed of response to 160 million shares in the company Akfen TAV, which will provide a cash inflow, will use the investment to be made in the amount of Turkey. At the beginning of 2017, Akfen announced an investment package of 1.5 billion pounds to be completed by 6.7 per year. The most important investment pillar of this package, which will create employment for 1390 people in total, is the city hospitals in Isparta, Eskişehir and Tekirdağ and renewable energy projects of 3.9 billion pounds.


Hamdi Akın, Chairman of the Board of Akfen Holding, said the following regarding the transfer of his shares in TAV to Aéroports de Paris Group:

“In 1997, the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMI) awarded the Istanbul International Terminal Build-Operate-Transfer tender. kazanThe first act of my 20-year TAV adventure, which started with our mummy, ends here.

As in the statement made by Aéroports de Paris, the shares of Akfen Holding in TAV Airports Holding, of which I am the founder, will be transferred to ADP following the completion of necessary procedures.

Our partner, Tepe İnşaat Sanayi Anonim Şirketi and our companion, TAV Airports Holding CEO, who was our partner in the establishment and completed the 20 year without any problems. I would like to thank all my colleagues at Sani Şener and wish a successful business life. In addition, I would like to express my gratitude and gratitude to all the government and state elders who have a say in our success by never giving support to TAV in every country of the world.


Hamdi Akın, who is also the Chairman of TAV Airports Holding, emphasized that TAV is a Turkish company and said her It is every Turkish citizen's right to be proud of this world brand we have created ”. Akın gave the following information:

"It must not be forgotten, despite being a French company TAV's largest shareholder, is a Turkish citizen, 90 percent of employees, Borsa Istanbul to be registered publicly traded companies, the company's headquarters and that the majority of investments in Turkey and taxes to the Republic of Turkey government is a Turkish company because of its payment and will remain that way. It is the right of every Turkish citizen to take pride with this world brand we have created. ”


Akın said that the change in the shareholding structure would keep TAV alive for centuries. “The share transfer will make TAV a company that will create new opportunities for its employees by creating continuous opportunities ve and continued as follows:

Ik We tried to act in accordance with the general principles of the Holding. We make this sale to make the companies immortal. We are mortal, corporations must be immortal. We are immortalizing companies with such share transfers. This is the practical result of share transfers. The aim is to provide employment benefits by extending the life of our companies with new partners. ”


Transferring its 8.1 stake in TAV Airports Holding, Akfen Holding maintains its 21.68 stake in TAV Investment Holding, including TAV Construction, the world's largest airport builder. Within the scope of TAV Investment Holding, whose main activity is construction and parking operations, TAV Tepe Akfen Investment Construction and Management Inc., TAV Park Parking Investment and Management Inc. and Riva Construction Tourism Trade Management and Marketing Inc. companies.


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