Kocaeli will take the tram on Friday

Kocaeli will be on the tram on Friday: Kocaeli's 30 annual dream of the tram starts tomorrow. 550 will be completed in the 15 day due to the 683 July Impact Initiative as well as the problems caused by subcontractors


The test drive will take place at the bus station in 10.30 tomorrow. Tram will be free until Eid al-Fitr. Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu will announce his wages for the after-holidays. The tram is expected to be cheaper than city minibus. The expectation of the people of Kocaeli is that the cost of the tram is between 1 and one TL 75.


Tahir Büyükakın, the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, stated that Kocaeli is not yet accustomed to the tram. Due to this familiarization process the tram 20 in the first place will be one per minute. Then 6 will carry a person per minute. In this process, both our pedestrians and drivers need to be careful. We have taken our measure as Metropolitan Municipality. Biz


Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, the tram from the bus station as the first time to take the bus to Sekapark. Speaking at the opening of the Bulent Ecevit Overpass, Karaosmanoglu said that he would be a citizen at the first time. Karaosmanoglu also invited the provincial chairman of the political parties tomorrow at 10.30 to the bus station. Interest in the program is expected to be large.

Source : I www.bizimyaka.co



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