Akçaray voyages increased

Akçaray's number of voyages increased: The light rail system implemented by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality was on its first voyage with the participation of Akçaray National Defense Minister Fikri Işık. Akçaray, which started to provide service between Otogar-SEKA park, started 20 flights once in a minute. Akçaray, who won the satisfaction of the citizens, will continue its flights by 21 minutes after Wednesday.


The name and color of the citizens determined by the survey Akçaray, 15 until July will carry passengers for free. 21 As of June Wednesday, 15 will continue its flights every minute and Akçaray's number of voyages will be increased after the Ramadan Feast. In this process, Akçaray, 6 will start voyaging once in a minute.


There are 4 units on the Akçaray line with 7 units in the middle and 11 units on the side. The stops that will start from the bus station are Yahya Kaptan, Yenişehir, Bekirdere, Mehmet Ali Pasha, Democracy Square, Courthouse, Yeni Cuma, Fevziye, Gar and Seka Park. In addition, the platforms were designed for disabled people.


During the 14,8 kilometer line, firstly the infrastructure manufacturing was renewed completely. In this direction, 30 kilometer infrastructure manufacturing was carried out in different works ranging from drinking water to sewage, electricity to natural gas. In this way, the sub-structures at the points where the line passes are smoothed. During the course of road works along the line, 70 tone asphalt paving was carried out daily. 2 thousand 500 tons of asphalt was laid in total for both tramways and roads. 15 thousand cubic meters were laid and the visualization of the tramway areas was ensured.

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