The Happening Development in the Subway: Opening in 2020!

Kaynarca-Tuzla and Pendik Merkez-Kaynarca Metro Lines, the construction of which was started by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, was welcomed by the people of the region with joy. The metro line, which will be 12 kilometers long in total, is expected to be completed and put into service in 2020. Pendik Mayor Dr. Kenan Şahin, the line to the district kazanHe thanked Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

The construction of the Kaynarca-Tuzla Metro Line, which was held last March, was initiated by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. This has led to great happiness in the people of the region who are eagerly waiting for the subway to come into service. The line consisting of two separate routes, Kaynarca-Tuzla and Pendik Merkez-Kaynarca Lines, will be the total length of 12 kilometers. Hattan Çamçeşme, Fevzi Çakmak, Esenler, Kaynarca, Kavakpınar, Esenyali, Fatih, Orhangazi and Ahmet Yesevi neighborhoods will be able to benefit from residents more intensively.

Line to be completed in 2020

Alsim Alarko and Cengiz Construction joint venture undertook the construction of the subway line construction. The metro line, which will cost around 2 billion Turkish Liras, is planned to be completed and put into service within 2020 year. The line consisting of two separate routes, starting from the end of Tavşantepe Metro Line tail tunnel, respectively, Kaynarca Center, Çamçeşme (Çamçeşme Park), Kavakpınar (Abdi İpekçi Street), Esenyalı 1 (Dörtyol location), Esenyalı 2 (aside from Ömer Çam Anadolu İmam Hatip High School) and Tuzla It will end at the end of the queue lines at Tuzla Municipality. The total length of this line will be about 7,9 km.

Metro line between Kaynarca and Pendik

Pendik Merkez-Kaynarca Metro Line will be located next to Pendik Station which will be operated as the existing Marmaray and High Speed ​​Train Stations, and will reach Kaynarca Central Station (opposite the Century Hospital) starting from Pendik Central Station. The line to be connected to the Hospital Station of the Sabiha Gökçen Airport Rail System Connection, which is under construction, will reach the total length of 4,1 km.

Transportation will be provided by rail in Pendik

The construction of Kaynarca-Sabiha Gökçen Airport metro line and construction of Kaynarca Tuzla Metro Line will be completed. The transportation of the inner parts of Pendik will be provided by rail system. The Kaynarca-Tuzla metro line project, planned to be built along the route of E-5 by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, will be remembered by the Mayor of Pendik. Kenan Sahin's proposal was revised and re-projected to the neighborhoods that are densely populated. President Sahin thanked the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş who has a say in the realization of the project.

Meliha İnan (Head of Çamçeşme Neighborhood): We have been waiting for Kaynarca-Tuzla Metro for a long time. The station will be installed in Çamçeşme Park. Because this is a central area for the use of the station. We thank the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Pendik Municipality.

Nurettin Küçükosman (Fevzi Çakmak Neighborhood Headman): Metro is an investment that we feel longing for. And it's nice to see you go through the middle of our neighborhood. That's the best of us. Thanks to everyone who contributed to my neighborhood.

İrfan Çiftçi (Kavakpınar Neighborhood Headman): I consider the metron to pass through Kavakpınard as a gesture. This investment will be a great blessing in terms of transportation in the neighborhood with a rather crowded population. We look forward to the completion of the service.

Sadettin Karcı (Esenyali Mahallesi): Transportation is a big problem in our neighborhood. Esenyali has a population of 100 thousand. There were both vehicle and pedestrian density in the four-way zone. Kaynarca-Tuzla Metro line is completed and this problem will be eliminated. I would like to thank Pendik Municipality, Metropolitan Municipality.

Birol Okay (Kaynarca Neighborhood Headman): Kaynarca-Tuzla Metro line will be good in Kaynarca as it is for the whole region. The traffic will be relieved by the introduction of the metro and people will go to where they want to go in a shorter time. Our hope is that the metron is completed in a short time and integrated into the transportation.

Muhammet Kaldırım (Resident of Çamçeşme Neighborhood): Metro is an investment in size that will revive our neighborhood. Metro is coming in front of the doors of our citizens, this is a very important development. May Allah bless everyone who contributed to our efforts, including Mr. Mayor Kenan Şahin. I hope to end soon.

Musa Karslioglu (resident of Kaynarca District): There was no serious transportation problem in our neighborhood. Kaynarca Tuzla Metro operation will eliminate the small transportation problems. At the same time, I think that the station to be built in Kaynarca will change the face of our neighborhood.

Hakan Demir (Kavakpınar Neighborhood resident): With the great effort of our Mayor, the metro is exactly what we want. People can now go to the subway within walking distance. With this subway, the neighborhoods will be the stations for the first time.

İsmail Kavak (Esenalı Neighborhood resident): It is a great advantage for the citizens that the stations will pass through neighborhoods instead of E-5. Because the population density is located in the upper regions of the stations. We would like to thank our Mayor Kenan Şahin for passing the route through the regions I mentioned.

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