Young girl screaming on the top of the wagon to take a picture

In order to get a picture, the young girl died on the wagon: In Eskişehir, Ebru Demir, who was heavily injured in 16 after she was hit by an electric current on a freight train car, was killed. Ekrem Lale 17 who wanted to save his friend was slightly injured.

According to information obtained, the event occurred in Eskisehir Enveriye Station. Ebru Demir, who wanted to take a picture on the wagons of freight train 23002, who was waiting at the Enveriye station, was seriously injured by the electric current in the catenary line.

112 emergency medical teams who came to the scene after the incident, Ebru Demir at the scene after the first intervention, Eskişehir Osmangazi University Medical Faculty Hospital removed.

The first intervention in Eskişehir Osmangazi University Medical Faculty Hospital, the young girl, Ankara Numune Hospital by ambulance was killed on the road during the ship.

On Saturday, the 14 child who was on the car to play in the station in Aliağa district of Izmir was injured by electric current.

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