YHT Warning from Arapoğlu

YHT Warning from Arapoğlu: Sakarya Provincial Representative of the Chamber of Urban Planners, Oya Arapoğlu said, “YHT route should be re-evaluated under scientific and technical data”.

Defending that the changes made in the section of the High Speed ​​Train route passing through Sapanca do not comply with the scientific and technical facts, Arapoğlu stated that the route includes many decisions that damage the texture of the existing settlement.


“The route implementation projects determined on paper were transferred to the zoning plans before they were prepared. The people of Sapanca were not sufficiently informed about the plan, and no meetings were held on this issue, ”Arapoğlu said in his statement:

In determining the "Tunnel crossing" planned to be made between Sapanca and Doğançay, the tunnel line was drawn on paper without researching the place, scientific data (fault lines, landslides, ground structure, groundwater resources, etc.). The "Tunnel entrance" starting from Doğançay exits in Akçay District and enters the tunnel again by passing the Akçay Creek with viaducts. In addition to being an Akçay 1st degree site, passing the line here will cause "visual and noise pollution". The tunnel, which starts from Akçay, takes an exit from the "Sarpdere bed" in Kuruçeşme District and part of it continues along the stream bed. It is not scientifically possible to say that the tunnel can definitely exit from here, since there are no application projects for the "Tunnel Crossing". It should not be forgotten that we live in the tunnel-pass railway line that previously passed through Bilecik and Bursa cities. "


Defending that the YHT line will pass under the TEM Highway, Arapoğlu argued that this is not possible in the current situation and said, “The required height for the High Speed ​​Train line to pass under the TEM highway is 10 meters. (Information obtained from the DDY survey project department) The height of the underpass on Fevzi Çakmak Street, which is close to the point where the YHT line will pass under the TEM highway, is 4.50 meters. In this case, the YHT line will either fall below the ground level or the TEM highway will rise. It is unclear how this transition, which is not even known about the highways, will be resolved in practice.

The YHT line must pass at least 1 meters above the water fluids such as tea and stream against the dangers such as floods, floods. The YHT line that will pass through the Keçi Stream will increase at least at 1 meters.

It is not possible for the YHT line to fall below the ground level in terms of the ground structure of this region. The ground water level is very close to the ground. In the extreme rain we live in September 2015, these areas, where the YHT line passes, are flooded and there are puddles in the smallest rain.

In addition, Sapanca main sewer line passes from this location. Taking the already problematic line to a lower quota is not possible due to the lake elevation. Because the line does not work and there will be reverse flow, ”he said.


Because of the planned YHT line, many roads in the district will be closed and the transportation will be provided by the overpass and overpasses.

“When the YHT route goes from the ground level, many important roads that are currently open will be closed. In addition, since both sides of the YHT line will be closed with protective elements, mutual transitions will be provided by "overpasses and underpasses". 1.5 pieces will be built within 5 kilometers of the YHT overpass, one of which we saw in Kırkpınar Didi Hotel. Overpasses with a height of 10 meters must be made at least 125 meters long (250 meters in total) in both directions in order to have sufficient slope. In this case, concrete walls of 10 meters in height and 250 meters in length will be formed.

Not only the parcels where the line passes, but the bridges on these bridges will have a wall view on the front plots. Even the pending 1 / 1000 scale application The road front of many parcels will be closed according to the zoning plan.

With the closure of the existing roads, the infrastructure facilities built here are "water, electricity, sewage, natural gas, telecom, etc." and superstructure facilities "asphalt, lighting, pedestrian road arrangement, afforestation etc." will be canceled. It is not planned how the reconnections of these will be made, and it is also unclear what the cost will be and how much additional burden it will bring to the public. The infrastructure problem experienced by our citizens living in this region is well known by the administrators.


1. The upper gate will be formed by the closure of Keçi Deresi Street and Harmanlık Street. Dwellings in the Harmanlik region will be trapped in the TEM highway, the old railroad and the YHT road triangle. How will the parcels on the edge of the bridge, which is 250 meters long, also be facade?

2.The upper walkway will be held on Şayan Street. The YHT road that passes through the Kardelen site and which breaks down many buildings will enter under the TEM highway.

The 3rd overpass will be built on Sakarya Street, which connects Sapanca-Adapazarı. Reflecting the natural beauty at the entrance of Sapanca, Sakarya Street will turn into a concrete pile of 10 meters high and 250 meters long. In addition, the small distance between the overpass and the industrial junction indicates that the bridge road will be very steep here. This will cause frequent accidents at the industrial crossroads in the future.

The 4th overpass will be built on Fevzi Çakmak Street, which connects Sapanca with Yüzevler, Kuruçeşme and many villages. The road fronts of many parcels up to the industry and Imam Hatip High School (Sarp Dere Bridge) along the street will be closed. The connection roads made from the overpasses built on Sakarya Street and Fevzi Çakmak Street are a separate question mark.

5.The upper passage will be made on the University Street and Aydınlar Yokuşu Street.

1.Alt gate will be made on Istasyon Street. A new gateway will be made in the form of the continuation of the Station Street with the cancellation of the underpass in front of Lale Hotel. On the roads from both sides of the YHT line it will unite in this passage. It will remain on the road elevation in many buildings on Istasyon Street.

The current route of the YHT line, whose aim is only to shorten the distance between Istanbul and Ankara, is only 13 minutes. It has been said in our interviews by DDY officials that it will shorten it. This decision taken on paper without examining and investigating Sapanca's geographical features and current urban structure should be abandoned as soon as possible. Damages to be caused by the YHT route to Sapanca should be well studied, application projects and construction costs covering the infrastructure and superstructure should also be taken into consideration.

I would like to remind you that the authorities should think about this issue once again in order to avoid any return in the implementation phase after the expropriation process, as we have witnessed on the 3rd Highway route and the Karasu Railway route we witnessed in our city. I am of the opinion that the YHT route should be re-evaluated under scientific and technical data and the public should be informed correctly on this issue, since there are no irreparable results in the future and the principle of public interest is used correctly and appropriately.

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