'Barrier-Free Career Journey' Awarded to TEMSA

'Barrier-Free Career Journey' brought an award to TEMSA: 'The Barriers to Careers Project' TEMSA has provided career counseling services for disabled students for 3 years and 'Disabled Employee Health and Safety Awareness' trainings. what was awarded.

Aiming to show that the obstacle is not an obstacle for the career, change the perspective of disabled employment, and create social awareness, TEMSA has been awarded with the tı Company Confidence Trusted by Disabled iler Project. TEMSA, which has implemented practices on disabled workers' health and safety, has been selected as ği The Company with Safe People SA by disabled personnel. TEMSA Human Resources Director Erhan Özel was presented with the award by founder of engelsizkariyer.com. Speaking at the award ceremony, Erhan Özel said that the award was dedicated to colleagues who wrote a success story despite their obstacles.

Stating that TEMSA's journey to 'Barrier-Free Career' continued with firm steps, Özel said, Eng We adopt the policy centering on employee satisfaction and security. Our views on the recent disability awareness have been published in Zero Project Report 2017 and have been included in the international literature. I thank you very much for honoring us with this award today. Bugün

TEMSA's unobstructed journey

TEMSA, 'Barriers to Career Project' 3 organizes career counseling for handicapped students over the years, training trainings for people with disabilities in regional human resources professionals, and successful interview techniques for disabled students and citizens.

TEMSA also pioneered practices for disabled employees in the World Disabled Week that we left behind. The 'Dialogue in the Dark Business Workshop' organized by the Istanbul Social Entrepreneurship team under the leadership of TEMSA and Adana İŞKUR was held for the first time in the Çukurova Region. Human resources professionals from the leading organizations of the region participated in the workshop, where practices that will inspire companies to create new projects for the employment of disabled people were implemented. In addition, the '360 Degree in Communication with Disabilities' by Mehmet Kiziltas author of 'Disabled Employee Health and Safety Awareness Training' was performed for the first time in Turkey in TEMSA.

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