Akçaray will not be inspected

Akçaray cannot be inspected: The tram project of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is about to be completed. After the project is completed, the right to operate and operate will be transferred to Ulaşımpark A.Ş.

2009 prepared by the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu in the local elections of 5 will be completed in the year. The construction date is constantly delayed, the promised time can not be completed by the tram to the Ramadan Feast is running fast. Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli also makes its own adjustments. The last operation of the municipality will be the transfer of all operating and operation rights of the tram to the municipality of Transportation Park Transportation Services. Preparations for the relevant handover operations in the Plan and Budget Commission continue at full speed.

After the commission report, which is expected to be submitted to the June assembly, all rights of the tram will be transferred. Transportation Park Inc. even the tramway operator. Since the municipality is a joint-stock company, it cannot be supervised by the members of the council and will not account for anybody. Thus, the tram will be kept separate from the audit. As it will be remembered, the claim that the AKP Provincial Chairman Mahmut Civelik received discounted housing in Kent Konut A.Ş. has been on the agenda. In similar circumstances, the Tramway, which has tram rights, may refrain from commenting.

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