Transportation is Starting Today in ANKARA

In the LAGs, Transportation begins today with ANKARAKART: 168 private public transport vehicle (ÖTA) electronic ticket TA ANKARAKART: system, 15 starts on Monday May.

In their travels with ELVs, the capitalists will travel by using ları ANKARAKART,, which is now valid for public transportation vehicles, metro, Ankaray, bus and teleferik instead of money.

EGO officials warned the capitalists before the start of the application and said, mağ In ELVs where there will be no opportunity to ride money, passengers must buy their ANKARAKARTs from their sales points before they can become victims E.


EGO officials stated that they are getting ready to implement by installing an electronic ticket reading system "valleys" on ELVs, thus, ELVs have been made compatible with EGO public transportation vehicles. Authorities noted that passengers using both EGO vehicles and ELVs can travel with a single card.

Authorities, with the application of ANKARAKART, the passenger-ticket-driver between the negative conditions will disappear, free-card and discount card users who can travel with these cards can easily stressed.

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